Awakening to Your True Self

In this course you will look at core aspects of you personality which are holding onto ideas that do not come from your true Self.

Some of the ways these aspects express themselves include self-righteousness, suffering, victimhood and projecting guilt and blame onto others.

awakening to your true self 4If you still find yourself sabotaging your innate happiness, this course will give you practice in identifying and healing those self-defeating aspects.

 You will learn how to quiet your mind to let your true Self lovingly transform your mind, your thoughts and feelings to higher levels of awareness.

 As you learn to quiet your mind and listen, you awaken to the real you — to your true Self. As you gradually welcome awakening to your inner Spirit, your experience changes to allow in more joy, love and the knowing that you are safe in God. Your true Self is your true nature, the essence of what you are. You will learn to allow in the awareness of your true Self more fully and receive helpful insight. Your true Self is your inner Teacher and will help you transform your thinking to see the outer world differently to live a happier and more purposeful life.

As your thinking increasingly comes from your true Self, you become more gentle with yourself and others. You are able to see past the fearful thinking and resulting behavior in yourself and others, to see the true reality of Love that lies behind all fear. You are able to make choices and decisions from a place of Wisdom and peace.