Oneness Awareness

We have forgotten the reality of oneness that our true Self remembers for us as we dream the dream of separation. Practice letting go of the way you perceive the outer world, and focus on the inner reality of Spirit.

onenessReacquaint yourself with your wholeness and oneness, where all minds are joined in God’s perfect Love.

• Find ways to connect with your inner Spirit, with the wisdom of your true Self.

• Learn to recognize the true Voice of the Holy Spirit as your Guide.

• Learn the art of mindfulness to identify judgments, feelings or beliefs which interfere with communication with eternal Spirit. • Learn to distinguish what is important to your Spirit from what is important to your personality.

• See how to align your thoughts more closely with your Spirit’s perception.

• Learn how to open to Oneness Awareness • manifesting the perfect expression of your Spirit.

• Feel the joy of following Spirit’s plan of awakening and joining our minds as one.