The Healing Bridge of Symbols and Rituals

Throughout history, mystics have used rituals to form connections between the consciousness world of form and the inner, spiritual world which is without form.

devils bridge goodWe believe we live in a physical dimension of time and form. From the perspective of form, it is impossible to perceive the formless infinity of God — All That Is. Symbols and rituals can be bridges to a deeper awareness of the reality of Love’s oneness.

This course will help you understand and use the power of rituals as pathways to experiences which transcend time and form.

You will learn about potential pitfalls which may cause rituals to block the very spiritual awakening they were intended to assist.

You will discover the root meaning and intent of thousand-year-old rituals.

You will see how to transform old, lifeless rituals into empowering avenues to knowing the infinite Self.

With this understanding, you will create your own inspired ritual to experience a transcendent awareness of your true inner Spirit.