Cancer Support

Restoring Individual Spiritual Balance

This is a holistic approach to stress, anxiety, illness and grief that empowers you to live mindfully, consciously, and presently.  Each session will be unique to where you are and what you need in that moment, such as to:

     ♥  find solutions to mental, physical, and emotional blocks or

     ♥  explore higher awareness through mind, body, and spirit that is based on universal spiritual principles.

Studies have found that spirituality, religion, and prayer are very important to quality of life for some people who have been diagnosed with cancer. Research has not shown that spirituality and prayer can cure cancer or any other disease, but they may be a helpful addition to conventional medical care. support cancer

The benefits of praying may include:

     ♥  reducing stress and anxiety and

     ♥  promoting a more positive outlook and a stronger will to live

As a survivor of a cancer diagnosis, I would be honored to support you through your diagnosis and  recovery.

I also offer counseling to those supporting a loved one as they go through this healing journey.