I look forward to going to Muriel’s ‘A Course in Miracles’ class every Tuesday night!

She is so insightful on the Course and has been teaching it for almost a decade.  I love her energy and humor , she makes learning fun!  It’s so great having a teacher who knows the Course inside and out.

If I need a one-on-one session, I love that she’s available for private spiritual counseling as well.  Muriel is so wonderful to work with, everyone should have the chance to be uplifted by such a bright light!!!

~ Cristi Earnshaw

Although I am a clinical psychologist with over 30 years experience, A Course in Miracles (and with Muriel as its’ voice), has enlightened me in ways never before found in the works of psychology alone.

I certainly believe that it is helpful to understand our ‘psychological self.’ However,  I have discovered through A Course in Miracles more about the essence of who I am in ‘spirit’ and/or ‘energy’ with  more acceptance of myself and my world, and, with greater satisfaction and peace.

Also, I am so grateful to Muriel who has been my personal spiritual coach and master teacher.  She has greatly inspired me in expanding my awareness of my Inner Wisdom and Higher Energy through the practical application of the teachings of the Course of Miracles. Muriel has been a critical and inspirational source of insight in taking the words from the pages of A Course in Miracles and bringing them to the ‘light’ in my daily life.

~ Camille Caiozzo, Ph.D.  Licensed Psychologist

Muriel is the most profound spiritual teacher I’ve ever encountered.  She is not only extremely knowledgeable in A Course in Miracles, but a truly genuine teacher who is fully open and honest about her life and her struggles.

This genuineness breaks down all walls and allows her students to do the same.  There are so many “ah ha” moments in class and we all can’t wait to come back the following week.

Muriel also has incredible intuition.  There have been numerous instances when I’ve been struggling with something and inevitably, I would get either a call or text from her guiding me to the right path.  She is truly an angel and has had an incredibly positive impact on my life

Parinaz Ehsaei 

Muriel has been such an inspiration to me! Our classes are amazing. It’s wonderful to be amongst like-minded people,healing and growing in understanding. Our One on one sessions have been so helpful, I am seeing with new eyes. Thank you for your loving support! ~Haley Mcguire

I have been a ACIM student for over 2 years and my experience began with Muriel Guilbaud after a good friend of mine gifted me the book and recommended to participate in weekly meetings. I have had a tremendous growth and amazing journey with Muriel over the course of our study and discussions and one on one sessions.

My most important turning point was healing my relationship with my brother which opened up so much distorted thinking I had resorted to during my life, affecting all of the aspects of my other relationships. In all of my tribulations Muriel has been a wonderful source of healing, guidance and support. I am always looking forward to our weekly meetings because there is always a new understanding that takes my life to a new level of clarity and focus.

The Course is not just a self help book but the practice of undoing what has been done to “hurt our minds” through generations; and having an avid, knowing and aware practitioner like Muriel Guilbaud as my guide has been an immense realization of power for me. ~Karine Badivian

I have been blessed with taking many of Rev.Muriel’s ongoing ACIM study groups along with several of the workshops she offers. Through Rev. Muriel’s profound commitment to spiritual Truth and her dedication to her life’s purpose as a teacher,my relationship with my eldest brother was Non-existent but through the mind healing work Rev. Muriel gently guided me through and her unique ability to simplify ACIM, helped me tremendously in releasing the blocks I had built around my ideas of how I thought my brother should behave.

By her teaching me what true forgiveness means I was able to apply those principles & I now experience a greater sense of peace, and communicate lovingly with my brother on a regular basis.

Thank you Rev. Muriel for having the courage to be who came here to be. Eternally grateful, ~Mary Elizabeth Starck

I have know Muriel as a practitioner and teacher for many years. Her consciousness and humor is nothing short of healing. I would highly recommend her as a powerhouse practitioner. Expect Miracles. 🙂 ~Maureen Muldoon

Muriel has a masterful way of weaving in the wisdom from “A Course In Miracles” as she shares her own journey with the text. Her approach provides students a tangible way to work with the teachings which can seem challenging at times. It’s pretty amazing, by using her own life she translates the Course.

I am so grateful for the many shifts in perception I experienced as a result of Muriel’s Loving guidance. She eats, breathes, and LIVES The Course which makes her a walking demonstration of the Miracles available when one applies these sacred teachings to their life.

I Love you Muriel! ~Jesse Brune-Horan

Attending Muriel Guilbaud’s weekly class gives me the opportunity to hear how she and others apply ACIM principles in everyday situations from dealing with a difficult personality at the supermarket (or a comment from a rude person walking by you on the street ) to seeing world events on broadcast news. Muriel always brings the situation back to what is the purpose (including the origin) of any of our actions, and provides helpful communication pointers in dealing with these many relationships. Muriel demonstrates and reminds us that our main function in life is to provide a platform for love and forgiveness, and reflect what we truly are (as Sons of God).

She is quite adept at working with a class participant that may have a different viewpoint from the Course on some issue, and encourages dialogue with the class that clarifies what the Course viewpoint is and why we may see something a certain way. She is gentle and considerate and provides the right amount of levity to what can sometimes be a challenging discussion. She is also a model for how wonderfully comfortable and easy listening to the Holy Spirit can truly be. There is a wonderful combination of simplicity and experience about her that I just love.”

~ Chris Avery, Valley Village, CA, August 5, 2015


Less than 6 months after I started ACIM with Muriel I stopped all the medications I was taking over the past 20 years. I was suffering from a major disease. As of now which has been a year and a half attending Tuesday classes I know what miracles are. I experience it all the time. I feel healthier , I don’ t have fear . I love more and I recognize if my actions are coming from my ego or my heart. ~Meline Keoshkerian

Muriel is one of the most instrumental people  in my path to understand A Course In Miracles. I respect her approach to heal immensely. Her ability to connect deeply without words is truly something else. She has taught me to recognize attack as my own projection of fear and to forgive so the illusion no longer serves any purpose. I consider her my teacher and I am happy to call her my friend. Get ready for a path to heal with a compassionate teacher.

 Hector F Castrillon

“I was a student with Muriel for more than a year. I first began taking her class at LA’s LGBT Center. We met every Thursday for over a year and it was my favorite day of the week. Muriel is truly a channel for the Course and its teachings. She isn’t just familiar with it because she’s studied it for so long, it’s like she taps into it and connects with its teachings in a way that makes it easily digestible and accessible. I can’t even count how many times something happened in my day or during my week that was addressed by whatever it was we read in class or what Muriel had to say. It’s like each class was specifically for me, yet it wasn’t. I truly experienced miracles with Muriel and am so grateful for her gift as a teacher. She helped contribute to the relationship I have with A Course in Miracles in my life today and see her as someone who truly lives, eats, and breathes its teachings. You can’t not experience a shift when you study the Course with Muriel.”


Chris Tompkins

Coach, Teacher, Student

ACIM and Muriel’s class has been my rock so many times these past few years. Knowing spiritual Truth is one thing. Putting it into active practice is a whole other ballgame. And for those of us consciously on the “spiritual path,” having others in the game with us is priceless. Though I was new to ACIM when I started attending Muriel’s class, her intuitive insight, comprehensive understanding of the material and compassionate ability to create real practicality out of the teachings makes her an exceptional teacher for both new and experienced students alike. And someone who has worked with many spiritual teachers over the years, Muriel stands out with exceptional authenticity and relatability. I cannot recommend ACIM and Muriel’s class enough.

Mark Gregor

I have been attending Rev.Muriel “A Course in Miracles” study group for over 10 years . I never miss a class unless I am out of town or in case of an emergency .  Muriel’s honesty and authenticity keeps me coming to the class over the years. Teaching through her own experiences she inspires me to awaken to a greater experience of my Self. There is so much LOVE, and MIRACLES in our class that I always share it with my family , friends and clients.

Muriel I am so grateful to you, I love you, bless you my beautiful friend.

Ani Mahserejian

Not only is Muriel Guilbaud a wonderful and devoted Science of Mind Practitioner but she is also a brilliant teacher of the Course In Miracles.

It has been my privilege and pleasure to attend Muriel’s Course In Miracles class for the past several years and every class is a true and unique experience; it is never the same twice.  We study the CIM text and often, something will occur in the life of one of the students which will be shared in class and then Muriel teaches us the lessons of the Course as applied to the particular situation. It makes the lessons crystal clear.

She is also very generous in sharing her own story and how the Course has helped shape her life.  I know it has shaped my life.  There has been a calmness that was not there before. It’s not that I never feel “not calm” but, as I tell Muriel, those angry and upset situations seem to have disappeared from my life.

 It is a wonderful experience.